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Faculty OER Adoptions

One of the ways to drive open educational practices is for faculty to adopt OER in their courses. Ontario Tech encourages the adoption of OER by their faculty, and gratefully acknowledges their contributions to student success below and through the #OERThankU campaign.

Report an Adoption

If you have adopted or adapted OER for your course, we want to hear about it! Click here to report any new or updated adoptions for recognition throughout the site. Thank U!

Five students walking along a city street. Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Recent Adoptions

Thank you to these faculty members who have adopted OER for their courses.

2020-2021 Adoptions

  • Faculty of Business and Information Technology
    • BUSI 1915U Business Math I - Ana Duff
    • BUSI 1916U Business Math II - Ana Duff
    • INFR 1016U Introductory Calculus - Ana Duff
    • BUSI 1600 Management of the Enterprise - Stephen Marsh
  • Faculty of Science
    • MATH 1010U Calculus I: Paula Di Cato, Isaac Ye
    • MATH 1015U Mathematics for Biosciences: Ilona Kletskin
    • MATH 1020U Calculus II: 
    • PHY 1010U Physics I: Rupinder Brar, Joseph MacMillan
    • PHY 1020U Physics II: Rupinder Brar, Joseph MacMillan
    • PHY 1030U Introductory Physics: Rupinder Brar, Joseph MacMillan
    • PHY 1040U Physics for Biosciences: Rupinder Brar, Joseph MacMillan
    • PHY 2900U Astronomy I: Rupinder Brar
    • PHY 3900U Astronomy II: Rupinder Brar
    • SCIE 1920U Introduction to Astronomy: Rupinder Brar
    • PHY 4910U: Technology of Modern Astrophysics: Joseph MacMillan
    • CSCI 5010G: Survey of Computer Science Research Topics and Methods: Jeremy Bradbury
    • CSCI 1060U: Programming Workshop I: Jeremy Bradbury
  • Faculty of Education
    • EDUC 5001G Principles of Learning: Joe Stokes
    • EDUC 4703U Problem and Inquiry Based Learning: Roland Van Oostveen
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
    • HLSC 1200: Anatomy and Physiology I: Elita Partosoedarso
    • HLSC 1201: Anatomy and Physiology II: Laura Banks
    • HLSC 0880: Health Science Bridge: Elita Partosoedarso
    • HLSC 2202: Comparative Anatomy and Physiology: Elita Partosoedarso


  • Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
    • POSC 3300U: Building Sustainable Communities: Timothy MacNeil
    • COMM 3110U: Communication Ethics: Sharon Lauricella
    • SSCI 4098U: Practicum: Sharon Lauricella
    • SSCI 4610U: Communication and Conflict Resolution: Sharon Lauricella

2019-2020 Adoptions

2018-2019 Adoptions