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Sense of Capability

Sense of capability is the belief in your ability to meet the expectations of the student role and master the academic skills required for success. The following are resources to aid your sense of capability during your studies at Ontario Tech University.


MyStart is Ontario Tech University's orientation programming to support incoming first-year students with their transition into university. The programming includes:

  • MyStart: Welcome - where students and their families can learn about the first-year experience
  • MyStart: Academic - where students can get an academic head start by participating in faculty-specific activities
  • MyStart: Orientation - where students can engage in fun activities that will allow them to meet other first-years as well as their peer leaders

Learn more about MyStart

Academic Support supplements classroom experience by providing students with a number of services that help to strengthen academic skills and learning strategies, including:

  • Chem Corner, Math Study Hall, Physics Space and Writing Room drop-in support
  • Conversation Cafe for multilingual and English-speaking students to interact
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) available to students in historically challenging courses
  • One-on-one support for individual students in mathematics, writing, ESL/EAL, physics, and study skills


You are responsible for complying with the general academic regulations outlined in the current Undergraduate Academic Calendar and Course Catalogue, including:

  • Academic regulations (conduct, appeals, grading, academic standing)
  • Academic schedule
  • Fees and charges
  • Student privacy

Learn more about Academic expectations

Your sense of capability can be expanded further by completing the following tasks:

In addition to these resources, the university has also created the MySuccess Plan to help you find services quickly and conveniently. We invite you to visit and add this site as a bookmark so you can return to the site regularly.