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Sense of Connectedness

Sense of connectedness is defined as your sense of belonging to the university community. The following list includes resources to encourage your sense of connectedness at Ontario Tech University.


Getting involved in the campus community can be a rewarding experience. You can meet new people, develop personal and professional skills, apply learning from the classroom, and help students to cultivate a well-rounded university experience. Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Ambassador program
  • Peer mentorship
  • Clubs and societies
  • Intramurals and extramurals

Learn more about how to Get Involved

Learn important information about Indigenous culture, reconciliation and upcoming events, or get help with self-identifying. On this site, you will have access to:

  • Events and workshops
  • Land acknowledgement
  • Resources and information
  • Self-identification


We are dedicated to supporting students' mental and physical health and wellness. Explore the mental health supports and recreational activities we offer, including:

    • Campus Health Centre
    • Mental health support
    • Recreation
    • Sexual violence support and education

Learn more about Health and Wellness

Our on-campus employment programs are designed to help full-time, domestic and international students with a financial need. You will gain useful career-related experiences that will help you achieve both personal and academic goals. On-campus work includes:

  • Part-time work during the academic year
  • Full-time summer work
  • Work for International students

Learn more about on-campus work

Connect with your peers and put your stamp on campus. The Ontario Tech Student Union (OTSU) offers several opportunities for you to get involved, including:

  • Clubs
  • Societies
  • Events and activities

Learn more about the Student Union

Other ways to increase your sense of connectedness include:

  • Live on-campus in residence
  • Show your school spirit at a Ridgebacks varsity game
  • Attend community and Ontario Tech University events

In addition to these resources, the university has also created the MySuccess Plan to help you find services quickly and conveniently. We invite you to visit and add this site as a bookmark so you can return to the site regularly.