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Sense of Culture

Sense of culture is your identity with the University. The following are resources available to help represent your sense of culture as an Ontario Tech University student.


Connect with Ontario Tech University by learning about the instution's vision, mission and values.

  • Where do you fit in?
  • How can you make a difference as a student?
  • What will you do to stand out as an Ontario Tech student and future graduate?

Learn more about the University

The Digital Community is an online space where students can come to share stories, information, services, and opinions. The categories include:

  • Awareness
  • Career
  • Lifestyle
  • Opinion
  • Student experience
  • Study
  • Wellness


The Peer Leader Program is a peer mentoring program that primarily offers support to first-year and incoming students as they transition into the University. Students with a Peer Leader will:

  • Be connected with an upper-year student from their faculty
  • Receive ongoing support from their Peer Leader through the academic year
  • Have opportunities to create meaningful connections with peers
  • Learn how to engage within the campus community through leadership and recreation
  • Discover the knowledge, skills and strategies that will support a successful university experience

Learn more about the Peer Leader Program

Honesty and integrity are topics of increasing importance in all areas of life in Canada and beyond. At Ontario Tech University, the highest academic standards are encouraged among students, faculty, instructors and teaching assistants. As a student, you are responsible for:

  • Understanding and abiding by academic conduct regulations
  • Understanding good academic practices
  • Learning how to avoid committing any form of academic misconduct

Learn more about Academic Integrity

To further assist you with developing your sense of culture, the following resources will be of assistance.

In addition to these resources, the university has also created the MySuccess Plan to help you find services quickly and conveniently. We invite you to visit and add this site as a bookmark so you can return to the site regularly.