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Numeracy Self-Assessment

Helping students prepare for university math.


Sean Bohun, Associate Professor, Faculty of Science

Over 99% of students in first-year math courses at Ontario Tech University are not there to get a math degree. A Ontario Tech student taking math courses should ideally acquire the skills, competencies, and appreciation of mathematics and mathematics applications that will allow them to be successful in their chose fields of study and work, and as productive citizens.

The Math Readiness Program (MRP) was created with the goals to help identify supports that give first-year math students the best chance at success in their math course(s) and their program. As part of the MRP, incoming students will take a self-assessment test (MRP Test) that will test them in fundamental mathematics skills before they start their course. Early assessment will help students take advantage of university supports and will also contribute to the planned Early Warning System for academic advisors.




Beginning in June 2018, students who intend to register in a one of the following first-year math courses will be required to take an online test through the Math Readiness Program to determine their incoming mathematics skills. The MRP Test will help direct students to appropriate supports and/or courses that will better ensure success.

Courses affected by the MRP:

  • BUSI 1915U – Business Math I
  • MATH 1010U – Calculus I (includes students in Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, and Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science)
  • MATH 1000U – Introductory Calculus
  • MATH 1015U – Mathematics for Biosciences

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